Delivery Order New Zealand Shipping
Shipper Correspondence to
PO Box 732
QLD 4127 
A Division of Celestial Industries Pty Ltd
Consignee ACN 050 405 377 Sydney      ph (02) 8197 1515
5 Bates Street  Melbourne  ph (03) 8685 8885
Springwood  Adelaide    ph (08) 8463 1700
Qld  4127 Brisbane    ph (07) 3808 1200
Australia Perth         ph (08) 6461 6588
Email (Intl 61+)
Notify Party Supplier Fax      (07) 3290 2481
Ocean or Master Bill House Bill
Parent Bill Lloyds No
Pick Goods Up From Berth 
You are required to wear covered footwear, have ID, NO animals or children in vehicle when delivering goods
Vessel & voyage Port of Loading Container Number Freight Payable at
Port of Discharge Final Destination On Carriage by No: of Original B/Ls
Carriers Receipt All Particulars Furnished By Shipper Carrier Make No Representation
Marks & Numbers No. of Packages Description of Goods Gross Weight Measurement
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