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Welcome to New Zealand
offering a comprehensive shipping service to and from New Zealand to Australia and or World Wide destinations.
Simply click the coloured links to be taken to your specific shipping requirement.

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I'm Jeffrey Shaw
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Welcome to New Zealand 

Exporters For 
shipping their goods out of New Zealand
Click here for comprehensive trade shipping and export information

For Importers 
shipping their goods into New Zealand
Click here for comprehensive trade shipping and import information

For Personal Effects
Shippers in and out of New Zealand 
Click here for comprehensive background to importing and exporting personal and household effects in and out of New Zealand

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To get goods into NZ bond stores and wharves
for export you must use a Carriers Note

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Comprehensive guide to the shipping fleet

History of New Zealand Shipping
Click here for the History of New Zealand Shipping
Has a number of features including the world famous On-line comments section where everybody and anybody who has been associated with New Zealand Shipping from 1800's to the present date writes in.. will take at least 1 to 2 hours to read all the comments


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New Zealand Shipping can move your cargo from Home or Warehouse through the Port to New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Is, USA, Canada, Asia, UK, Europe Mediterranean, Africa, Indian sub continent so whether you have Cars, Personal effects, Freight all kinds U can pack or We can pack Container, Share a container, Drive on / off Sea freight, Transport, Documentation Insurance, Customs Clearance, Storage  

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