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Irrevocable Letter of Direction
(also known as Assignment of proceeds)
Please fill in details print out and fax back to Australia on ( 61+7 ) 3290 2481 or fill in details and Submit
This document remains the property of Celestial Industries Pty ltd for its own personal & business use.
To the attention of (name of negotiating bank).
(person representing beneficiary on L/C ) hereby do authorise that disbursement of monies , the sum of from letter of credit number   drawn on dated be deposited directly into the account of (name of supplier) for payment of services or goods supplied to (name of beneficiary) in order to effect this transaction.
The details of our Suppliers Bank are as follows
Supplier Bank
Address of Bank 
Name of Account
BSB Number
Account Number
Authorised Signature of Beneficiary ________________________________
Name of Person Signing
Title of Person Signing
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