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Welcome to New Zealand Shipping Insurance for insuring your goods.
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Cargo & Container Freight Insurance is for individuals, organisations who require marine insurance to cover those unforeseen circumstances when it comes time to ship your goods overseas.

Marine Insurance can cover you for loss, stolen, pillaged, fire, flood and overturning of vehicle or ocean going vessel

From an overall costing perspective its a small percentage on the total value of your goods.

Marine Insurance site is for those of you who are shipping from your New Zealand premises to an overseas destination and or shipping your goods from an overseas country to your New Zealand premises.

We do not do New Zealand domestic transit insurance ie.. Picton to Wellington
We do not do New Zealand domestic insurance. ie .. boats, jet skis

NB: All quotes must be in writing from us verbal is not good enough. To book marine insurance you must use our confirmation of acceptance on-line feedback form or send email confirming acceptance.