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Letter of Intent
This page was last updated on Saturday, 27 September 2008 07:05:31 PM
Please fill in details print out and fax back to Australia on ( 61+7 ) 3290 2481 or fill in details and Submit
This document remains the property of Celestial Industries Pty ltd for its own personal & business use.

To be typed on the Buyers Letter Head

We hereby state that we are ready, willing and able to purchase the following commodity
as specified below and that funding is available.
Test weight
Crude Protein
Crude fibre
Crude fat
Damaged Grain
Foreign Matter
100 % free flowing and free from harmful substances
Inspection at load port at sellers account
Destination Port & Country
Delivery terms (state which month delivery required)
Size of Shipment (single / partial)
Packing (bulk / bagged)
Selling Terms ie  (FOB / C&F / CIF)
Nominated port
Today's date
Name of your Organisation
Your name:
Your country
Phone number
Performance Bonds These are Government to Government Tender Transactions
We are not interested in this business, so do not ask !

Affixed with company seal


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