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Pro-Forma | Commercial Invoice | Weight List | Packing Declaration | Beneficiary Certificate | Certificate of origin
1) Shipper 2) Reference number (s) e.g. bill of lading No.. customers reference No. or other
3) Consignee 4) Carrier
Container packing certificate/vehicle declaration

It is declared that the packing of the container/vehicle has been carried out in accordance with the General introduction, IMDG Code, paragraph 12.3.7 or 17.7.7


5) Packer name status (company/organization)
Place and date
Signature on behalf of packer

6) Vessel & voyage 7 ) Port of Loading 8) Port of Discharge
9) Additional Information
Marks & numbers Number and kind of packages Unit Quantity** Gross Mass (kg)** Cubic Vol. (m3)
10) Goods delivered as: Type of unit:
*Proprietary/trade names alone are not sufficient. If applicable:(1) the word 'WASTE' should precede the name; (2) 'EMPTY UNCLEANED' or 'RESIDUE - LAST CONTAINED' should be added'; (3) 'LIMITED QUANTITY' should be added.
** When required in 9.3 of the General introduction to the IMDG Code;
*** When required
In certain circumstances special information/certificates are required, see IMDG Code, General Introduction, paragraphs 9.7.1/9.7.2.
Any additional information should be entered in section 7 above, overleaf or attached to this form
I hereby declare that the contents of this consignment are fully and accurately described above by the correct technical name (s) ( proper shipping name (s), and are classified, packaged, marked and labelled / placarded, and are in all respects in proper condition for transport according to the applicable international and national government regulations.
Yours faithfully
Signatory's Company: ______________________
12) Name of authorised signatory
Place and date of issue
Signature for and on behalf of shipper
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