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Insurance Proposal Form
Fill in details print out and fax back to Australia on (61+7) 3290 2481 or Fill in details and Submit

We welcome enquiries for marine cargo insurance including large values, even commodities, however, we do need full information such as, names and addresses of: enquirer, owner of the goods, supplier and consignee.
Plus method of transport and name (s) of vessel (s) expected to be used or being negotiated.
Actual transit or voyage e.g. ex works or warehouse, F.O.B., C.& F. with discharge port and final destination.
The goods to be insured, in bulk or how packed, if F.C.L. or L.C.L.
The sum to be insured and if this is C.I.F.
plus Duty or G.S.T. plus 12.5% for NZ (10 % for Australia) 
In other words, all the information that you need to supply in order to comply with Your Duty of Disclosure

Your name (as the proposer) *
Your address
Your country

Your phone number

How many packages
Did you pack (owner pack) or Professional Packer
Name and address of   Professional Packer 
Date goods been packed
Did you remove (owner remove) or remover (courier)
Name and address of Remover
Date goods been picked up
If pick up is from a different address to the one you have shown above
Address from which goods are to be moved   
Destination address
Destination country
Goods will be Sent by
What shipping method
If Sea state name of
Vessel & voyage (See note 1)
If Air state flight number
Expected departure date
Port of loading
Port of discharge
Have goods been in storage?
Since when?
Will goods be stored prior to Shipment?
How long?
Will goods be stored at Destination?
How long? ( See Note 2 )
Value at overseas destination
What currency are you using
Cover will continue during the normal course of transit (including up to one month at packer's premises) from the time the goods are taken up at the above address until set down at the final address (including up to one month after discharge from Ship awaiting delivery).
Note 1   When name of vessel is unknown a quotation will be given on the basis that the vessel is approved by Underwriters.  In such cases it is possible that when the Underwriters are eventually informed of the name of the vessel an additional premium may be required, especially should the vessel be over 15 years old.
Note 2    In the event of any storage taking place before arrival at final address, cover will cease on arrival at such place of storage unless prior notice is given to New Zealand Shipping stating full details of the location, storage facilities and period, and an additional premium paid.
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