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Comments for the year 2013

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Just "found" your site, very interesting, having sailed with the old NZSC in the late 1960's. I was on the Paparoa, Piako, Nottingham, Rakaia, Ruahine, Tongariro and others. I too have photos to share and will endeavour to copy and send soon.

Michael Gartenfeld

Editor: When you're ready


Hello, My father worked for the N line from 1956 to 1966 and sailed on the Piako, Rakia, Cumberland, Whangoroa. Sadly my father passed away in 2007. He previously wrote on this site and wanted to contact any of the old crews. Campel Tervit who was his best man from Glasgow Berni Crellin lived in Isle of Man. My brother and I have lots of photos and other information. Hope to hear from someone. Regards Lee Bramald

Editor: Yes, please.


Bob Hunter was on Rangitiki when she was in the Jervis Bay convoy in 1940/41.

He was a barber age about 20, from Stanley, County Durham. Does anyone have any info. on him or the voyage please. I am asking on behalf of a relative of his who, by coincidence now lives near Dunedin NZ.

Thank you Alan Williams


Hello, I'm Lauchlan Mackay and i am trying to catch up with anyone who knows or knew Ken Mackay (also known as Kenneth and Kenny). He is my father and was the radio operator on the s.s. Paparoa and the s.s. Rangatoto (not too sure about second ships spelling) during the mid 1950s out of Glasgow. Ken was about 17/18yrs, youngest aboard so he doesn't hold much hope. But you never know. Dad has been living in New Zealand since then.
Regards Lauchlan Mackay


Hi my name is Andrew Lennox and I am looking for information on Norm Robertson (not sure of the spelling of Robertson) who may have been on any of the following ships, Rangitiki, Rangitane, Rangitoto, Remuera, Turakina or Haparangi, in 1965,66 as an engineer. He was from Scotland. If anybody knows of him or his current whereabouts please contact me at 021 401 359 or 078231096 collect
Many thanks Andrew


I stumbled over this website -as you do!

I was the children's nurse (the only one) on the Rangitoto's maiden trip from Tilbury - N.Z. There were over 80 children on board. General Freyburg came aboard in Wellington and I remember he asked 'However did you manage?' Captain Lettington smiled as I probably said something like, "I love children, so it wasn't a problem!' That was mostly true. After two more trips I joined the Natal Line. They were fun days. (My name at that time, was Ngaire Farquhar.)
Nicki Waters


I was a passenger on RMS RUAHINE in Feb/March 1952. During our voyage out to NZ we were caught in the middle of a hurricane and the ship was nearly capsized when we lost engine power and got turned side on to the sea. The ship listed to nearly 45 degrees and cargo shifted as a result. Do the ships log of that voyage still exist and can they be viewed to see what was recorded of that event. At the end of the voyage the Captain told my father that that event was the closest he had ever come to losing a ship.

Alan Belcher


From a clipping I forgot I had taken from the Townsville paper of Oct 16th 1959."The largest single shipment of beef ever to leave Townsville is being loaded aboard the Northumberland. A total of 3000 tons, for the States and Canada".

It did not mention that the meat was stowed over a shipment of bundled copper sheets which had to be frozen and kept at zero degrees for 24 hours. I was 2nd frig. Our Chief Eng. was Tommy Edgar and my greaser was Sam Strickfuss both survivors of the Rangitane sinking.

Jack Cotter


The UK National Archives are undertaking a project to detail all the vessels and crew that served during the WWI so that the information is available to the public. I am currently transcribing the details for a vessel called Orari. Whilst I am unable to send you a copy of the original "Agreement and Account of Crew" I thought you might be interested to know that the information should be available in due course. Generally the Account includes the names of the Master and crew and also the addresses of where they were living at the time of serving

Jenny Edwards


First may I say I hope you are still out there somewhere, as I note that the last update was 11 February 2012. I have read the many comments from your readers and am thrilled to have found you with all your useful information.

My family came to New Zealand on the Ship Rotorua, leaving Liverpool on 9 September 1939, leaving just after war was declared. It was quite an eventful journey starting with the ship clipping the wharf and having to spend a few days in dry dock before we left. I was only 7 years old so some of my recollections are a bit hazy. Due I suppose to the declaration of war with Germany we were accompanied for the first part of our journey with a convoy. My mother was standing on deck next to a sailor who was looking through binoculars at a ship on the horizon. He offered them to my mother so she could have a look. She remarked that the ship seemed to disappear rather quickly. The sailor had another look, shortly after which a great deal of activity took place. Apparently it was believed that the ship had been hit by a torpedo and we children on board (numbering 7) were treated to an exciting display of depth charges being dropped and water being thrown violently into the air.

I have tried to find out if this was really the case and what ship it was that was torpedoed.

Can someone help me with this please.

I believe the convoy left us after a week and, for the rest of the trip, our ship took a zigzag course adding an extra week to our journey. I do remember that, in the evenings when cabin doors were opened on deck, the lights automatically went out.

Do ships' logs get stored some there and, if so, are they available to the public?

Our trip was via the Panama Canal and, whilst we were travelling through the tropical area, shade canvas was erected over the decks, presumably for the comfort of the passengers.

Some of the more daring children, myself included, devised a great game of climbing onto the canvas and playing rolly polly backwards and forwards while those not rolling called 'Stop' when we got near the edge. Needless to say, once the crew became aware of this, our little game was brought to an abrupt end.

I think it was nearing the end of our voyage - perhaps only days out of Auckland - when one of the officers became ill and died. Another excitement for the children - we had a burial at sea, and I can remember the shrouded body being tipped over the side and sinking beneath the waves.

As the passenger list was a fairly small one, we became friendly with the crew members and I, as one of the smaller and younger children on board, was often carried on the shoulders of one or other of the crew members.

It is very sad to know that the Rotorua did not make it through the war. I believe it was sunk on its next voyage, possibly with the loss of all lives.

Thank you again for being there for us and I look forward to any information other readers can give me.

Margaret Becroft


How can I obtain my brother's service records please?
John William Palmer - first vessel (cabin boy I think) June 1955 on Rangitane. He was born 1939 in Liverpool Lancashire.
Many thanks Pat Fielding


Find this site fascinating. My father sailed with NZS company in the 50's & 60's until his early death in 1969

I have many pictures of his ships on my wall as well as boxes of papers relating to his work, menus & entertainment rotas, shore leave letters, promotion letters, wage slips & much more, even his uniform, ties etc which I am currently, since my mothers death last year going over.

I would like very much to contact anyone who worked with him, Terry Pocock all those years ago.
Keith Pocock


No mention of the 'Empire Windrush' I was Fourth Officer on her for four voyages in 1949, servicing the Mediterranean garrisons from Southampton. She went to Korea the voyage after I left her. I heard she went down in the Med a few years later after an engine room fire. Mike Stephens

Editor: And when did she become part of the New Zealand Shipping Fleet


I travelled from New Zealand via the panama canal to Britain on the Rangitane in 1960 at the age of 6 months old. My parents were returning to Britain having previously emigrated on the Rangitata. My parents were James and Mary Nichols and I have a brother Simon who also was with us. It has been fascinating finding out about the ship I was too young
to appreciate. We might have some ship memorabilia but that I do not know for certain.
Denise Smith


I joined Ruahine Royal London Docks November 1963 my first ship served as a deck boy. Homeward bound in British waters a passenger ended his life by jumping overboard. Most of the crew on deck were from Stornaway Scotland. Dennis Earle


I joined Nottingham in Swansea for her maiden voyage. We cargoed in Liverpool, then sailed for Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Perth. Back to Hull, across to Antwerp then home to London. As a seventeen year old every moment a precious memory. I am now 79 and with six children and I am trying to put together a picture of my life. Any little piece of
information would be appreciated, leads etc.
Thanks Michael Bell


Does anyone remember a young hairdresser by the name of Tony Hutt who worked on the P&O boats in the 50's and 60's. He was on the Rangi boats and the Northern Star but possibly others as well. He was killed in October 1964 in a car accident as he travelled home to London after the Northern Star docked in Southampton.
I am his daughter and I would appreciate any information anyone might have.
Sheryl Bulow


Hi Jeffrey
Saw you didn't have a photo of "my" Papanui only the first Papanui.
Sailed on her as an Engineer Cadet in 1958 from UK to NZ via Suva Fiji. Papanui was hot, uncomfortable, hard work, slow but fun!
Found some data on her in the Clydebank Database.


built by Alexander Stephen & Sons Glasgow,
Yard No 592
Last Name: FLISVOS (1965)
Port of Registry: PANAMA
Propulsion: Steam turbine
Launched: Tuesday, 27/10/1942
Built: 1943
Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 10002 grt | 5887 nrt | 9715 dwt
Length: 494 feet
Breadth: 64 feet
Draught: 27 feet
Owner History: New Zealand Shipping Company London
Status: Arrived for Scrapping - 05/10/1965
Remarks: Scrapped Kaohsiung Taiwan
Editor. As always Len thanks for sharing. I have put your photo up.


I twice sailed as a passenger on Rangitane (1951 and 1964) I'm looking for my table waiter of Oct / Nov 1964 from Auckland to Tilbury. Mr Richard J Kirkham, then of 27 Station Road, Marston Green, Warwickshire. We had good times ashore in Tahiti and Panama City and he gave me James Bond paperbacks to read. It would be great to catch up. John Bury


Editor: Just spent hours cutting pasting and loading 68 of John Taylors photos up on the Essex, photos courtesy of his son Andrew. You get to see Panama & Baltimore canal, overhaul in Savannah, crew photos. 20.04.13
Editor: Just loaded up the officer & crew list for the Rangitoto courtesy of Martin Shubert 20.04.13
Hi Jeffrey,
Wow, thank you very much. It is such a shame that Dad is no longer with us to see his photos on your site. He would have been so chuffed.
If there is any more I find, I will send them on to you.
Cheers Andrew


My father was involved in an incident aboard the mv Sussex in Sydney in May 1943 and am curious to know more about it  Jayne Anderson

Enjoyed looking at photos from John Taylor, he sailed with me from Australia on Essex as a working passenger, had a visit from him when he toured Scotland on holiday, is he still in Australia? 
Archie Clark

Editor: John's son Andrew has replied on 20.04.13 to say he has passed away. Perhaps you can email Andrew.


Hi Jeff,
There is a good write up on the EMPIRE WINDRUSH, in Crossed Flags.
NZSC, became managers of the ship under its old name MONTA ROSA. after she was allocated to Ministry of Transport 8.11.1945. She was renamed EMPIRE WINDRUSH 21.1.1947
She seems to have had a very accident prone life, first as a German ship and then sailing under the British flag. Bill Nadin
Editor: Thanks Bill for clearing that up


Morning Mr. Shaw, I would just like to say hello to a few engineers I sailed with on the Otaki and Cumberland. Chris Botes Chief eng. Living in Auckland, Ron Little 4th, John McLeod 6th,Tom Gallacher 2nd Elect and Taffy 3rd eng. Here's hoping you are all fighting fit, and all you engineers who worked on the 2x5 LBD Doxford, centre scavange pump, solid linktop piston swinging arms, built by John Brown.
Thanks Mr Shaw for your time and effort on this amazing site.
Best regards James Pugh Amsterdam


My grandfather was on board Tongariro when it collided with Drumlanrig off Dover on 27th November 1908. The Tongariro was seriously damaged and anchored at Dover for repairs before returning to London. My grandfather was then transferred to the Whakatane for his journey to NZ. Is there an official report on what happened?
Rose Smith


Jeff, i contacted Andrew Taylor re his dad thanks to your brilliant site. Archie Clark

Editor: That's what its all about Archie
Hi. I am trying to find the location of the painting of the Rangitiki done by Stanley Pellett. My great great grandfather, Captain William Scotland, sailed her from England to Lyttelton (where I live) in 1876, in record time. Previously 'homed' at the NZSO in London I was wondering if anyone has any idea where the painting has ended up? Thanks Trent Hiles


My father served with NZSL during 1939 - 41. On ships Turakina and Essex and others (?) but I don't know exact history. Currently going through his paperwork. Some Photos, documents and letters home. Can I find out about his career with NZSL through you ? His name was 'Richard Ian Christopher Henry Warren' (Born 1922 - Died 1989) Nick Warren


Hi I put a comment on last year I think my email was wrong I am still looking for a (Billy) William MacDonald, McDonald. He was a steward on one of the Rangi ships he would have been in Auckland NZ in 1960 and the I believe he sailed back to the UK. If anybody has any information on him please email me.
Kim Abraham


I was a nurse at Walton Hospital Liverpool. 1970 -1972. The parties on your ships were great! I've fond memories of the ships. I know Frank Huddleston, from Yorkshire, emigrated to Australia & married. He was an electrician, i think. Terry Emerson died in the 80's, must have been in his 30's, from Kent. Andy Davidson was a third mate, from Scotland, always wonder what happen to him. I believe I was known as the Forsythe saga, long dresses, hair up, apparently I was supposed to look like Nyrene Dawn Porter the actress in it.
Anyway e mail me if anyone remembers, I've lots of letters from that time somewhere!
Sorry I married a P. N. S. C. Deck officer!
I looked you up because my younger son asked about a necklace I used to wear, was surprised that it was an from an old boyfriend, asked had his dad known and laughed when I said probably not.
Maria Owen nee Roche


Marvellous set of pictures posted of the Essex. Just as I remember her! Looks like they had a problem with one of the magnetic shaft couplings? Just wish, like many others, that I had taken a camera to sea with me. I was in the Essex in 1973 - hard working but great crowd and ship. 
Graham Perkins


During the War I was an apprentice in the yard of Alex. Stephens & Sons...I helped in the installation of Shafting and Engines in The Papanui.. Also on the Paparoa... I later sailed Third Engineer with Ellermans City Line and in Sept. Oct. in 1949 went aboard the Papanui and went down below to see how MY ENGINES were....
It was like I was home again ! John Maxwell


Left New Zealand in 1960 for England on the Rangitane. Elizabeth Cardno Grisedale
My dad has died (in 90th year), but he was on the MV Essex as an engineer & finished (as far as I am aware) in Malta until the end of the war. I showed him a picture of the Essex (I found on the internet), which made him cry (it brought back memories he didn't want to think about). His name was Thomas Brown, born in a small mining village called Shotts (Scotland), but I was born on the Wirral in England (near Liverpool.
John D Brown
I have a 1934 calendar bearing a painting by J Sparling of the NZ Shipping Company's "Piako" dated 1876 by courtesy of The Blue Peter, London.
My maiden name is Williams and the back of the calendar records that my great grandfather William Williams travelled on board this ship with his wife and children and settled in Timaru. There was a fire on board and he saved a wooden writing case only. This is all the information I have about my great grandfather -- I would
be grateful if anyone would help me find about his emigration to NZ and this ship?
Marie Anticich
Joined NZS and Fsnco 1958 to 1966 Middlesex Cornwall Hertford Rangitata lincoln Piako Somerset Hurunui and Northumberland.
Does anybody out there know a Terry Clayden he was from Dover Court Harwich we sailed on the Rangitane in 1961. Derek Aked
My Dad, Joseph James (Jim) Wilson, was abord the SS Tekoa & SS Ragitane in the 1930s serving as an Engineer.
Having scanned his two official photos, I'd like to send you copies and more information by email. David Wilson

That would be wonderful David, please send as jpeg
Dear Jeff Shaw
Thank you for replying and pleased to hear that you are interested in a bit of your history and perhaps you might be able to shed more light on my father's time with yourselves.
Joseph James (Jim) Wilson was born on the 29th September 1914 and originated from the Liverpool area.
Married on the 26 September 1942
Died on the 23rd December 1999
Dad served in WWII and helped prevent the sinking of the 'patrol' ship he was on which was torpedoed. He rose to Lieutenant Commander RNR (from memory)
He ended up in a very senior position with Lloyds Register of Shipping and as a President and Fellow of three Institutions - Refrigeration. Marine Engineers and Naval Architects.
I've asked my older brother to help me find or put together a brief potted history for you, should you be interested.
The photographs are in MEDIUM format size and only suitable for the web. They are not suitable for printing, so should you with to print them, please ask me to send the full size file scanned from your official prints - a copy of which you might have in your library/ archive.
Kind regards
David (Wilson)
Editor: Have loaded the respective photos on the Tekoa and Rangitane, thank you David.


4/o,3/o RMS Ruahine Dec1960-July 1961 3/o Essex 1961-2m 3/o, 2/o Sussex 1962-3 David Prime

Man of few words
Hi Jeff
I've noted that there isn't a photograph of 'Nottingham' in your gallery. I've found the attached, but can't quite remember which port we were berthed at, but somewhere in Queensland I'm sure. The date would be 1964 or '65. I don't know whether it's any use to you.
Kind regards. Stuart Edwards

Editor: Have created a Nottingham photo page and acknowledged your contribution Stuart.


To Mr Shaw
I have been sorting through some slides of my time on the Rangitoto and thought you may be interested in some of the pictures.
Regards Ron Gentle (Last 10th engineer)
Editor: Ron thank you so much, it's been a joy loading all 27 photos. Great to see the fond farewell at Auckland and you guys doing King Neptune on the equator.

G'day all, Course 5 engineer cadet survivor from "Otaio"; many good memories of an out of the ordinary apprenticeship and an outstanding shipping company. Will attempt to send you some "Taupo" photos Jeff, also, if you can do anything with it, a press clipping and photos of the "Taupo" aground in Nelson in 1967. Regards to all, Paul Dangerfield
Editor: Send them in and lets see what we can do


Hello Jeff,
I hope you can do something with these attachments. Not sure about the newspaper cutting, will understand if it's not possible to display it. The three photographs of Taupo were taken in Sydney in 1967 I think, same year as the grounding in Nelson. I was on board at the time, 6th. engineer I believe. March 13th was the date, which was also my birthday, and the incident obviously put paid to us getting alongside that night. Which was a great pity, as I had a hot date waiting ashore who had travelled over from Picton to give me a "special" birthday treat. Frustration and raging hormones often used to go together! Great days, fantastic shipmates, wonderful memories. Thanks for "love job", so much appreciated.
Best regards, Paul Dangerfield
Editor: Locked and loaded on the Taupo photo section, many thanks



I was a Naval tailor and outfitter in Liverpool and visited NZ ships from 1950 until they all disappeared I joined Durham Association and paid as a life member However since the death of Rex Neate I have not heard anything from the Association and talking to another member who was Ch.Frig who said the same. Does the Association still exist? Sam Smith


Hello again, some more pics of the Paparoa after hitting something just off East London in South Africa that mangled our prop. I never found out what it was we hit. Circa 1963. TTFN.
Fred Thompson

Editor: Photos loaded Fred, many thanks
I joined Manapouri as a "first trip" Galley Boy at Liverpool in March 1973. Pat Jones was Chief Cook, Ron (the Corporal) Ford was 2nd Cook. I did 4 trip to Oz and NZ in Manapouri, then joined the Somerset in early 76 as second cook with Ron Mardell. Did a number of "work-bys" on round the UK coast in Taupo, Tongariro, Strathtay and Somerset again.
After that I was in most of the "Wild boats" up until 1982, when it seemed that P&0 G.C.D. fell apart! That nice Peter Langley (remember him?) at St. Botolph Street, got me fixed up with a contract with Furness Withy. But 2 years of Containers and LPG Carriers made me realise that the "Good Times" were over.
I did my last trip as Chief Steward on Manchester Challenge. Payed off at Felixstowe in in November 1984.
There never were better jobs that the NZSC ships.
Just about to retire from the police after 30 years and planning a trip back "down under".
It would be great to hear from any former shipmates.
Happy Days and great memories.
Best wishes. John "Taffy" Owen


I am keen on finding out some of the sailing history of an old friend of mine. He was a bosun with the NZS company. His name was Roderick Mackinnon and he was from Barra. N Macleod
I have been looking up this magnificent site now for several years and of course as the years progress there are less subscribers from the old days. As the second anniversary of chief engineer Big Jim Clark's death takes place in December I though there might have been some comments about him as he was notorious for his strict/ruthless ways but there again the company must have liked him as he tidied up many an engine room. I
remember the Essex or Sussex with big Jim on board docking in the Albert dock round about 1963-64 and 5 engineers had their bags on the dockside within minutes of the ladder touching the dock. Later on when the greasers got fired up on bevy they went up to Big Jim's cabin and hacked his door with knives trying to get access. A 2nd lecky approached me in Lyttelton wanting a swap with one of the Durham leckies who was an Aussi like gig Jim. This guy could not take any more strife as on one occasion he had to go down the engine room and clean a well glass fitting at 2 in the morning. Talking about the old days I have just read for the 3rd time David Carpenter's book 'Below the Waterline' As David states it's the last generation of 'hands on engineers'. Every time I read his book I could smell the diesel fumes and hear the sounds of the main engines. I suggest that all engineers read this book as it is a great read telling how it used to be. A friend of mine had a son who joined the MN as an engineer cadet a few years ago and he said that it was a terrible trip 'the engine room control
room air conditioning did not work'. This should cause a little laughter in the older hands. Several of my friends and their friends have read the book and enjoyed it along with David's other book 'Dockside apprentice' so, every ex engineer get on to Amazon and buy them.
There was a mention of Ma Gleesons in a book I was reading recently and it brought back memories of a first trip engineer who started to flirt with blossom a regular in that sawdust floored establishment. He went away with Blossom and as usual no one said a dickie bird to him but when he got back to the boat he was full of his sexual exploits. We all said to him in the showers next day 'are you meeting blossom tonight'. His reply was ' To true and it will be the same as last night'. At 6 o clock he came back to the ship raging as he found out his beau had nuts and bolts where there should not have been any. He blamed everyone for not telling him, but, we reminded him of his previous nights exploits.
Anyway I hope someone recognizes my name and drops me a line.
Jim Whiteford


Sailed on MS Rakaia, MV Suffolk, MV Haparangi and MV Turakina, between September 1965 and April First Electrician. Found NZSC/Federal Lines a very good firm to be employed with. I would like to trace a few people that I sailed with over the years.
Many thanks. H. Macfarlane
Hi, I sailed on MV Piako June to October 1971, my dad was chief engineer on board. I have great memories of this trip even though i was 11 years old at the time. We sailed from UK to NZ
Lynne Edmonstone


Just seen the photo's I sent Fred of the damage to the Paparoa's prop. 10.09.13
They were taken in the Princess Elizabeth dry dock at East London, South Africa. The local press " Daily Dispatch" read " THE MYSTERY OF E.L.s HAZARD". it reported that some locals believed we had struck an uncharted rock & others that we had struck a Russian submarine. in reality one blade came adrift, hit the stern post which momentarily halted it's progress to the sea bed the result being that the following blade hit the freed blade shearing a lump off & also the tip of another. We were light ship & the vibration the imbalance caused was considerable. The two spare blades we had on board replaced the damaged ones
We had a whale of a time in East London whilst repairs were done playing a dockers cricket team, who slaughtered us, a local league football team who beat us by one goal but we showed them a clean pair of heels at darts & dominoes despite the local brandy which was 6 shilling a bottle rocket fuel.

ps. I was third eng. on board & have the local press cutting of the incident
Ken Crackett


Photo attached of the Paparoa in dry dock Birkenhead
Ken Crackett

Editor: Photo loaded
Magazine articles for the Remuera attached.

Coastal Cruise & Remuera Rescue photocopied from:- The Maori Club Magazine October 1964 No. 15 Remuera Last Voyage photocopied from:- Crossed Flags Vol. 1 No. 1 May 1965
Ken Crackett
Editor: Have loaded the articles on the Remuera photos section



Great site!
Joined Rangitane as the Junior Junior Eng. in Royal Albert Dock 1962.
Did two trips to Kiwi coast....via Curucao, Panama, Tahiti then back via Tahiti, Panama, Kingston, Fort Lauderdale, Hamilton (as 3rd Freezer, good skive).
Often wondered what happened to the ' Mottley Crew'
We ran with one cylinder blanked off on one Doxford on the second trip due to a cracked crankshaft! (Those were the days!).
Went on to join William France Fenwick's brand new Spanish built Chatwood, now that was an experience made it to 2nd Eng due to attrition mainly!
Hi to anyone who has survived the experiences!

Hi to anyone out there.......Trevor Inman


Photos of the Remuera at Fort Lauderdale Grant Wallace 5th eng. Albert Britain Chief Officer & Andy Ross Second eng. Also the Remuera bridge, the Azores rescue & one of Tahiti which was a popular port of call.
Also one of the Paparoa.
Angus Graham Ch. lecky, ? 2nd lecky, KC 6th eng. Arthur Bell 3rd eng. Eric Redfern 8th eng. Fred Thompson 4th eng. ? Junior eng.
Ken Crackett
Editor: Have loaded the photos


My name is Gabrielle Carroll and I work for Mayfield Grammar School (Formerly Gravesend Grammar School for Girls) in Gravesend, Kent, UK. We are about to celebrate our centenary next year and in anticipation of this have named one of our new 'houses' after Captain D H Chadwick of the Haparangi. Our association with Captain Chadwick dates from our adoption of the ship 'Haparangi'. All correspondence between the school and the crew
have been lost and therefore we have very few facts about Captain Chadwick or life on board the Haparangi. I would love to hear fom anyone who knew Captain Chadwick, his first name, where he was born or who know any of his relatives. I would also love to hear from anyone who sailed under his command and can let me know about life on board. The idea is for the girls to do a research project for our centenary year so it is vital I manage to track down some information. Thank you in anticipation of hearing from you.


My pals father sailed on a New Zealand Shipping Company vessel called the ss Devon, in approx 1936, out of Liverpool. I can see the 'old' Devon that went aground in 1913, and the later Devon, that was build in 1946, but I can't seem to dig any information about a ship called SS Devon around 1936.
Has anyone any knowledge of it? Regards Bob Leadbetter


I was with NZS from 63 as an engineer cadet on course 6 Left in 76 and worked in NZ for 20 years then came over here to Aussi Still working not much choice no one knows how to keep engines going anymore, NZS was a great outfit to work for and the lads were a great bunch, Keith Purvis
Would like to make contact with any crew members that sailed on the Ruahine November 1963. Have seen a listing of a Dennis Earle who sailed then but cannot get into his email address. Plus how do I make a small fee towards the crew list site. David Cheasley
All the best for 2014 to everyone in NZ thanks to Jeff for a fantastic site, keep the comments coming folks, it is great site to visit each day, memories of times past at sea cannot be beaten, wish we could turn clock back lol Archie Clark
I was the fourth engineer on the MV Kaituna between September 1970 and March 1971. I am writing an auto biography and would love to know if any old shipmates are still around. Brian Williams in particular. I sailed with Captain HG Robertson (ex Wahine) and Captain (big) Jim Robbie Anthony Charles Smith

If you have knowledge about the Old New Zealand Shipping Company 

Just type in the On-Line feed back form.
As this is a labour of love, please feel free to communicate with one another
If you are doing family trees the information you seek is on the passenger lists section
Read the information !!
There is no need to suck up to me and then turn around and seek crew or passenger lists
I am over it ... you can pay a small fee in NZ$ or A$ or
£ (In NZ, Oz or UK)
only then will i gladly put up your request seeking additional information on family members
If you are trying to flog off a product you can use the
Sales of Memorabilia section or tell folk you are giving it away

Can I respectfully ask that you type in lower case except where a capital letter is required
and supply your name so that folks can reply to you personally.

You will notice from 2008 onwards once we get your email we change the @ symbol
so it reads as at this is done so you don't get spammed.
So if you wish to contact one another remember you will have to revert the at back to @
As of 08.08.08 I have inserted address, phone numbers and how did you locate us,
this information will not go up on the site, it's to get a handle for future get together's

More importantly I love reading your stories.

Jeffrey Shaw, Managing Director, New Zealand Shipping.

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