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Sales of Memorabilia
This page was last updated on Monday, 02 April 2012 08:19:48 PM

We continually hold the vision of seeing the History of New Zealand Shipping as an opportunity to bring people together and we do this as a love job, in late 2002 we received a number of emails containing memorabilia for sale, to which I felt was contrary to the spirit of what we had set out to achieve.

After much thought I decided we would set up this Sales page where products could be sold, and a charge for 6 months listing of Australian dollars A$50.00 for 4 lines which includes product to be sold Plus your first and family name, town or suburb, country and email address and date listed.
Such monies and information to be paid prior to listing, you can use the pay by credit card form
You can submit details at end of this page.

We have done this in good faith... its now up to you to use common sense when it comes to purchasing, shipping and payment details 

Product Sellers Name Town / Suburb  Country Email Date listed


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