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Welcome: Because of the amount of comments, support and input from members of the public having the total archive of comments on one page is now impractical. We have now separated the comments by year. 
If this is your first visit to the site I strongly recommend that you start from the beginning  (1999) as there are some great stories and links.

Comments for the year 2017

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Found this site again by accident and have enjoyed it very much. Sailed as Jnr. Engr.with NZSCo./P&O from 1967 to 1990(Ch.Engr.). Many old names in the correspondences bring back many happy memories.

Joe Mc Monagle


Looking for information or photos RE: S.S. KAIMATA in Convoy UGS-18. Dates: 15 Sept 1943 to 14 October 1943. Convoy was attacked by German A/C on 4 October 1943 off Cape Tenes in the Med.

I am writing a book focusing upon another freighter in this convoy and am looking for first hand accounts from participants in the convoy from non-U.S. ships. Thank you Theron P. Snell


Further to my previous entry, there will be a New Zealand Shipping Company Reunion on the 10th March 2017, in both Otaki, NZ and Aberdeen, Scotland. This will be in conjuction with a Commemoration Service and stone laying Ceremony, for the loss of the SS Otaki 100 years ago, where Captain Bisset-Smith was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery.This is a very important event in the history of the New Zealand Shipping Company. The NZ Governor General will be in attendance. Please contact Roger Blake via email for further details


I was on the M. V. Middlesex from 63 to 64, 18 months total. Will carry the happy memories until the last day.  Faboulous trip, brilliant crewmates. Michael Broderick


I'm trying to trace a ship of this line or a federal boat that the captain managed to sale a cago boat name unknowan. From newzeland yousing the hatch tarps as sales!!
I understand she was presumed lost then turned up in Cape Town some months later. I was on the Essex on home trade in 1971 briefly.
I am unaware of when this took place. Graham Durrant


I sailed on the Nottingham from 58 to 59 And the Devon from 60 to 61. David Turk


I served on the M.V. Rangitiki, as catering staff, finished as barman, date of joining, March 1954. Paid off 22 August 1960. Left to join B.O.A.C / British Airways, as long haul cabin crew. Had my retirement party from B A. At the Bird Cage pub in Auckland. Would enjoy to say hello anyone that remembers me. Regards Brian Harry Lee


If you have knowledge about the Old New Zealand Shipping Company 

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More importantly I love reading your stories.

Jeffrey Shaw, Managing Director, New Zealand Shipping.

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