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If You wish to Ship Personal Effects Overseas

This page was last updated on Thursday, 25 May 2006 09:45:16 PM

Scroll down on the Personal Effects domain 
Until you come to cubic formula for personal effects
print the 4 pages ( bedroom, inside, outside, sundries)
This will be of great assistance and is self explanatory
Simply fill in all forms and add up each page with calculator 

A cubic metre is length x width x height = cubic metres
Here are two examples
1.3 m x .50 cm x .30 cm = .195 cbm
1.2 m x 1.2 m x 1.8 m = 2.592 cbm

If you have less than 12 cbm
scroll down the Personal Effects domain
Until you come to Quick Price for LCL cargo
LCL stands for Less than a Container
members of the public call it share a container service

If you get more than 12 cbm (cubic metres)
It will be cheaper to take 1 x 20ft shipping container

Scroll down Personal Effects domain
until you come to Container Sizes and Sales
We suggest you print out these pages so that you can see
what the shipping containers look like PLUS you will 
get the internal and external measurements.
1 x 20ft container will carry up to 30 cbm of cargo 

If you have over 12 cbm of Personal Effects
You use our on-line costing spreadsheets for
Importing Personal Effects into New Zealand or 
Exporting Personal Effects out of New Zealand
Simply fill in this spreadsheet and click submit and 
we will get back with pricing

Its an Industry standard that when shipping Personal Effects.. YOU are required to pay in the country at the port of departure. ( No ifs No buts, that's the way it is)
This way any bounced cheques at the Port of Discharge means the shipping company at the Port of Arrival can put a stop to the cargo and a) ask you to pay cash for all services plus dishonoured bank fees or b) auction your cargo to recover debt (after transport, storage fees, freight, customs clearance, maybe Duty or GST, auctioneers fees, advertising costs I can tell you, that you will end up with nothing)

Credit Cards
Shipping companies do not accept credit cards payments as Banks take a credit card merchant fee of up to 4 % some even higher. The shipping industry works on smaller margins than 4 % hence the reason they do not take credit card payments unless you have agreed with the Shipping agent to come to some service fee which funnily enough covers the Banks Fees.

Credit Rating 
Once you arrive in a country you have NO credit rating so you will need a specialist company such as ourselves to do customs and quarantine clearance other wise if you choose to do it yourself you will have to pay in cash before you can get anything done.

Shipping Motor Vehicles 
You can choose to use our on-line costing spreadsheets for
Importing a motor vehicle into New Zealand or 
Exporting a motor vehicles out of New Zealand 
Simply fill in this spreadsheet and click submit and 
we will get back with pricing

This is something that YOU should Know and Budget for.

You are probably in some country where the local shipping agent will say here's your price Door To Door.
STOP what you are doing !!!!!
In New Zealand we can apply to Customs and Quarantine Departments for the option for 20ft container customers to go from wharf to bond store or residence ( provided there are NO cars, motor bikes, trailers, horse floats, agricultural machinery, hides, skins, animal products, ammunition, hazardous cargo)
Share a container must go to bond store and 40ft containers are impractical can NOT take personal / household effects from any New Zealand wharf direct to your residence.

So if someone says here is a door to door price .. 
get them to put in writing which door, 

  1. the container door at the New Zealand wharf, 
  2. container door at licensed customs bond store, 
  3. at the truck door at licensed bond store, 
  4. at the truck door at your New Zealand residence, 
  5. at the front door of your New Zealand residence or 
  6. finally inside your house placed in one room of your house.

Door to Door means a lot of things to many people its amazing how many times we hear horror stories from people who dealt with other companies, such as YES you have paid to have your goods delivered to your House Door.. however here are the charges brought about by New Zealand Customs and Quarantine Departments because they wished to inspect your cargo at the bond store, 

  1. here is your fumigation invoice, 
  2. here is the steam cleaning charges for motor bikes, lawn mowers, garden tools or machinery, 
  3. here is incinerator and cartage charges for burning timber, straw or wood, 
  4. here is the unpacking charge
  5. here is the MAF re-inspection fees, 
  6. here are bond charges and additional storage charges because we went outside the Three (3) free days, 
  7. here is the re-delivery fee out of the bond store and 
  8. here is our charges to attend to all these matters on your behalf.

You will not receive your goods until you pay for these additional charges .. So all you Aussies, South Africans, Chinese, British, Europeans and North & South Americans wishing to come to New Zealand, trying to do it on the cheap YOU have been informed so budget accordingly.
If you go to our Import Costing Spread Sheet for Personal Effects you will see what I mean.

Packing List
Scroll down on the Personal Effects domain 
Until you come to Packing List for personal effects
print the 4 pages (bedroom, inside, outside, sundries)
This is an exact duplicate of Cubic Formula except we have charged the name, all you have to do is type in and print out
then simply click to give us a copy for customs clearance

That's about it.
I trust you enjoy your new life in New Zealand.
Its a green place.