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What Happens When Cargo Arrives At The Port of Discharge
This page was last updated on Monday, 15 August 2011 02:02:16 AM

Step by Step Guide by New Zealand Shipping

Once goods arrive at our bond store at Port of Loading

We will phone or email you once we have measured your cargo advising total amount of personal effects.
You can then post cheque or go to our bank branch and place funds into our account and receive receipt from bank

On arrival at the Port of Discharge

You will receive an arrival notice from our agents advising ships E.T.A (estimated time of arrival)
and name of the bond store where goods will be made available.
From our agent as long as you have paid our invoice you will be able to collect from them the the Delivery Order will be sent to the address nominated as the Notify Party

To Clear Cargo at Customs & Quarantine

Customs Department

First priority is the local Government Customs Department

You take the Delivery Order, Packing List, Your Passport and go to your nearest Customs Office
You will need to fill in the Unaccompanied Baggage Statement or Import Declaration of the Country.
The Government department may stamp off your Delivery Order there and then or they will seek a time for an inspection at the Bond Store
Either way once the Delivery Order is stamped off by Customs

You must then go to

Quarantine Department  
(sometimes called Agriculture, Forestry, Farming)

Take the Stamped off Delivery Order from Customs
Fill out the Quarantine Permit
Make appointment for Inspection
Once Delivery Order stamped off by Quarantine

Now you can go to the Bond Store

You go to the Bond Store nominated on the Delivery Order
Present the Delivery Order to the Delivery Clerk for Delivery / Pick Up

If you have not picked up cargo within 3 days of cargoes availability
then take CASH because you will be required to pay the Bond Store BONDING CHARGES and Bond Storage and Redelivery charges