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Quick Price from Overseas Ports to New Zealand Ports
(Auckland) for LCL cargo

This page was last updated on Thursday, 29th November 2017 17:46:33 PM

LCL means Less than a Container Load
Minimum rate is 1 cbm or 1000 kgs whatever the greater
Rates apply to general freight only
Prices are from Overseas bond store to New Zealand wharf
Service based on you pack and deliver to our Overseas bond stores
Rates are all inclusive of CAF/BAF (currency and freight variations)
Rates are in United States  Dollars on freight prepaid basis
Handling charges in New Zealand will incur G.S.T (goods and services tax)
All standard trade applicable terms and conditions apply

If you have over 12 cbm (cubic metres) 
you take a 1 x 20ft container 

Commercial Shippers You Pay
Shipping Document Handling Charge of US$ 110.00

Personal Effects Shippers You Pay
Shipping Document Handling Charge of US$ 65.00

Once cargo arrives in New Zealand you will be up for 
Terminal Handling Charges 
(take container off ship, cart from wharf to bond store, unpack container)
Customs Delivery Order 
( document you take to New Zealand Customs & Quarantine)
Customs Sea Cargo Automation 
( the shipping company starts the ball rolling with advising customs using electronically facilities then Customs Broker starts adding to it in-conjunction with
Bond Store, Quarantine Department)

Then you have New Zealand Customs & Quarantine Clearance
plus cartage from bond store to warehouse / residence

A quick price ex overseas ports to the Port of Auckland 

South East Asia Per m/t / per 1000 kgs whatever the greater Australia Per m/t / per 1000 kgs whatever the greater
Singapore US$90.00 Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane AUD$180.00
Port Kelang US$120.00 Adelaide AUD$250.00
Bangkok US$115.00 Fremantle AUD$300.00
Jakarta US$90.00 Europe
US$160.00 London US$170.00
Karachi US$180.00 Rotterdam US$180.00
Colombo US$180.00 Hamburg US$180.00
Chittagong US$150.00 Lisbon US$ 230.00
Far East Asia Le Harve US$190.00
Hong Kong US$80.00 Antwerp US$190.00
Shanghai US$165.00 Milan US$180.00
Keelung US$95.00 Dublin US$260.00
Manila US$120.00 Barcelona US$185.00
Busan US$160.00 Copenhagen,   US$230.00
Tokyo US$130.00 South Pacific
Kobe US$130.00 Port Moresby US$120.00
USA  /  Canada Lae US$120.00
Los Angeles US$230.00 Honiara US$160.00
Chicago US$340.00 Suva US$140.00
New York US$250.00 Lautoka US$140.00
Vancouver US$310.00 Vila US$170.00
Montreal US$260.00 Noumea US$190.00
South America South Africa
Santos US$ 350.00 Durban US$240.00
Buenos Aires US$ 390.00 Johannesburg US$280.00

If you understand what LCL means and your port is not shown here.
you know your cubic metres and or weight your cargo is dry goods
then use this On-Line feed back form:

Your name *
Your address
Your country
Your phone number
Volume (how many packages)
Likely measurement
Likely weight
Port of loading
Port of discharge
Estimated date for shipment
How did you locate us
Email *
You are required to put in your name and email address, 
then click submit for your details to come back to us.

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