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Quotation for Exporting Vehicle in Container
This page was last updated on Thursday, 29th November 2017 17:34:11 PM

Export  Quotation  FCL | LCL | Breakbulk Vehicle in container | Vehicles on car ship

Your name *
Your companies name
Your street address
Your country
Your phone number
Name of person at departure
Departure street address
Departure country
Name of person at destination
Destination street address
Destination country
Port of loading
Port of discharge
The following questions are very important. It's tells us whether you can import vehicle, NZ Customs Duty / GST
Make & model 
Year built      
Chassis or Vin number
Total cubic  
How many months have you owned car
I paid (please indicate currency) 
What nationality are you 
Have you lived in NZ before 
How many months have you been living out of NZ
Are you traveling on a Carnet
Optional Vehicle Pick up service (additional charge)
Address to collect vehicle from  If different from above  
No marine insurance included however if you provide value we can quote you
Do you wish to take out marine insurance
please provide value of your vehicle
What currency are you using
Click to our insurance main page for terms and conditions
Thank you for answering those questions
Due to Security concerns and anti terrorism laws NO personal effects in vehicle
Container transport of empty container to your premises
Container placed on ground (ground permitting)
You pack container
Container transport of full container from premises to wharf
Port charges upon departure
Ocean Freight wharf to wharf
Port charges upon arrival
Ph / Fax / Tolls
Shipping Documents
Cartage from wharf to bond store
Shipping delivery order
Tailgate Inspections
Agency Charges
Put container on ground (ground permitting)
We unpack container
Customs Clearance & Quarantine Clearance
Pick up empty container from bond store to container park

Upon arrival at the (Quarantine) tailgate inspection
If they state they want container a) fumigated b) steam cleaned c)
unpacked this will be to your account as will any re-inspections
charges and or delivery to residence from bond store.

Documentation required from you by our overseas Agent
Bill of sale or receipt
Packing list
Photo copy of your passport (face page only)
Name, address and phone number of overseas address
The Importer will be responsible for
Shipping delivery order
Wharf storage (if applicable)
Bond storage (if applicable)
Duties and GST/ Vat (if applicable)
Government Valuations (if applicable)
Registration of Vehicle
Fumigation or Steam Cleaning (if applicable)
Cartage home
How did you locate us
Email *
Our Fax (61+7) 3290 2481
* You are required to put in your name and email address, 
then click submit for your details to come back to us.