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Poems of New Zealand Shipping
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We started  Life’s great adventure together, two young men,
At first strangers, both of widely differing ideals and manners.
As time went by mutual respect  arose for each other’s wishes
Of solitude and thought as well as times spent saying amen,
With tongue in cheek, to elders’authority raised like a banner.
Tales were exchanged of pretty maidens’ sweet, stolen kisses. 

As is wont in a seafarer’s life our ways, quite suddenly, parted.
Each found his road and unwittingly followed his guiding star,
To accept each days challenge with hope, courage and strength.
The intervening years flew past until one day a warm hearted
Message was sent by one of them, searching friends from afar.
I replied, with joy, and amazement after half a century’s length.

Upon meeting ‘twas as if we had parted company the day before.
The years had taken their physical toll, but not the eye to eye
Recognition of former friends whose bonds now seemed stronger.
A phrase spoken the following day will remain with me evermore.
‘I wish we’d met earlier, we could have done so much you and I’
Simple truth, simply said from a man I thought I’d see no longer.

It matters not what was done by each during the absent years.
The pleasure of friendship renewed is a gift given to such a few,
And whoever goes first to meet our maker, a long time hence,
He shall be the first to greet the other, and offer a choice of beers
To be quaffed as in tropical climes, remember Toohey’s new ?
The chemistry of life is often a strange and curious coincidence.

Harry Simpson June 2009