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My Pied Noir

Even at this late hour
I think of you.
All around me are memories
Which hit me below the belt.
At times your face is clouded,
Then I see you when younger.
Not the vacant stare of fear
That now hardly leaves your eyes,
But sweetness of all your love.
I was your world. 
I was the only man who shared
Your bed.
How right you are when saying,
Endlessly, each day of life,
Ils sont beaux, mes enfants.
We three were your universe.
You lived for us.
Your thoughts were of us.
You made a home for us.
Your Sunday steak smaller
Than ours.
You were content with so little.
I am doubling up with pain
From the foul blows dealt us.
Why does not the referee
Stop this awesome fight ?
No;  I am totally in the wrong.
I must pursue, stumbling along,
The path we have trod.
Until the final bend.
Can you hear my silent words
Of love ?
Oft repeated to my wife,
Mother of our children,
Not one nasty thought in her life.

Harry For Jeanine    July 2014